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Strategic Human Resources Consulting

By understanding your company’s vision, corporate culture, and business strategy, we will provide a versatile support in strategic human resources’ planning and implementation.

Case Examples
Employer Branding, Recruiting Strategy, Human Resources Development, Human Resources System,
Succession Planning, Strategic human resources upon foreign companies’ launch in the Japanese market, and How to create working environment that attract, motivate and retain competent women even after childbirth, etc

Strategic Outsourcing Services of Human Resources Operation

If your company is eager to strengthen the area of human resources, please consider A&M outsourcing services. We are able to cater our outsourcing service to meet each clients’ needs.

Case Examples
Recruiting, Human Resource Development, Human Resources System Development, Creating or Reviewing Rules & Regulations,  General Affairs, etc.

Employee Training

A&M’s Employee Training first begins with a thorough interview of your company’s current situation, problems, and where you aim to be in the future. Once the assessment is made, we will customize the training theme and content to cater towards your company’s needs. We can also conduct Train-The-Trainer Program to hand-over the customized training to your in-house trainers.

Case Examples
Training for recruiters・Competency interview training・Objectives Management Training, Feedback Training, Training for new employees, Business Manners training, Sales Training, Personnel Management Training, etc

Personnel Placement Service

This service is limited to companies, which have enrolled in our personnel strategy consulting, or human resources outsourcing, or employee training, or executive coaching, as well as individuals who are members of A&M TSUNAGU and participated in our career design seminar.
Upon request, we will provide matching support, by taking into account values and needs on both ends.
We are proud in taking a human approach to personnel placement.

Executive Coaching

If there are thoughts on changing corporate culture, it is essential for the top leader him/herself to reform the way of thinking and modify his/her own behavior. Executive coaching is aimed to transcend top corporate leaders to create a positive influence on the entire organization.

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