Career Design Seminar

This is a seminar for those who are thinking seriously about bringing one’s life to a more fertile and affluent level. We hope to see individuals positively seeking career change, individuals somehow not satisfied with him/herself, individuals seeking career enhancement, etc. at this seminar.

Career Design Seminar for University Students

This is a seminar for University students who are going to start or currently seeking jobs. What kind of job do I want to do? What type of company will suit me? What are the important points during interviews?... Perhaps you are distressed about taking the first step out in the world. As said in Sun-tzu’s teaching, “If you know your enemy and know yourself, in a hundred battles you will never be defeated”, the first step in job search is to know yourself. A&M will support you as a navigator to clarify your unforeseen value judgments.

Career Design Seminar for Working Mothers

This is a seminar for mothers who aim to balance both childrearing and work. If you are having difficulties with keeping a balance between raising your child and developing your career, we will support with mapping out your overall life plan, with your career plan included.

Career Design Seminar for Women who have an employment gap due to marriage & child-birth/rearing.

This is a seminar for mothers who have left work when marrying or giving birth and have been devoted to raising one’s child. If you have the desire to get back into the working environment, please knock on A&M’s door as your first step.

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